Latest News July 2014
Latest News July 2014

Xmite Pest Control Sdn Bhd is the first Pest Control Company in Johor Bahru awarded distributionship for the latest Termite Baiting System > DESTROYER TERMITE BAIT.
DESTROYER Termite Bait uses a type of IGR (Insect growth Regulator) that destroys termites slowly and not being notice by other termite.

Benefits of Destroyer Termite Bait:
•    Low toxicity insecticide
•    Intoxicated termite are unable to shed their skin and die
•    Destroyer Termite Bait is designed to eliminate the entire termite colony in the soil.
•    Bait are delivered to the target pest -termites by installing bait stations
•    Bait stations are designed to promote easy excess by termites
•    Baits are highly palatable, encouraging termite to feed continuously and share the food among other caste in the colony.
•    Bait containing slow acting toxicant with special attractant to lure them to feed and poisoned unnoticed

Published : 22-Sep-2014

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